Oliva Nub Nuance Triple Roast


Size: Nuance 4 x 60
Color: Triple Roast
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Oliva's wildly popular NUb line is expanding with three new coffee flavors, under the new name NUb Cafe! Billed as the "Ultimate Coffee Experience", the constantly innovating brand is the first infused cigars produced by the Oliva Cigar Family. Nub Cafe is available Cappuccino, Espresso and Macchiato. The mildest of the bunch, the Nub Cappuccino is akin to a cup of coffee light and sweet.. Creamy with hints of vanilla and nuts the Cappuccino is wrapped in a golden brown Connecticut Shade wrapper. Moving on to the Macchiato which is a medium bodied cigar, besides the obviously tasty coffee flavors, you get a rich, sweet chocolate flavor. The Nub Macchiato uses a Sumatra leaf to get a sweet and unique wrapper flavor. Lastly the boldest blend, the Nub Espresso which is a medium to full bodied blend for those of you out there that like it black. Also encased in a Sumatra wrapper, the Espresso has the richest, earthiest blend of the three, combining coffee, nuts, cocoa, and cedar. As soon as we got these in, we knew they'd be a hit, so choose your strength and get your favorite cup of coffee ready to create the perfect morning pairing.

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