Flavor: Honeydew Melon Chew
Nicotine: 0 MG
Size: 120 ML
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Honeydew Melon Chew 120ML By Melon Twist E-Liquid

Flavor Description:

This  Melon Twist flavor profile is a unique combination of flavors that every melon lover will be itching to get their hands on. With layers of flavor that include honeydew melons, and juicy cantaloupe, this flavor is packed full of surprises, and every inhale will slowly reveal something smooth and exciting. 

Delve into this flavorful experience of an artfully crafted melon vape flavor that is bound to keep your taste buds awed and satisfied. These sweet flavors are balanced to perfection in a way that gives you just the right amount of melon taste, without being too overwhelming to your palate. 

Order a bottle of this amazing vape flavor today and learn what all the hype is about!


Bottle Size: 2 x 60ML (milliliter)

VG/PG: 70/30


Chilled Melon Remix 120ML Melon Twist E-Liquid By Twist E-Liquids

Flavor Description:

The Chilled Melon Remix Flavor by Melon Twist builds on the unique and classic flavor of Watermelon Madness by adding a cool breeze that wafts over your palate and drowns you in an unforgettable chill that helps to keep you cool and refreshed all year long. 

Just like Watermelon Madness this flavor profile combines the unique elements of watermelon to give you a burst of flavor, unlike anything you have ever experienced before. This chilled vape flavor will keep you cool and keep you coming back for more again and again.   

The distinct balance of juicy watermelons and icy menthol are the perfect combination to keep you cool and refreshed through any heatwave. Keep your taste buds entertained by vaping on this uniquely blended e-liquid flavor that you are bound to enjoy.


Bottle Size: 2 x 30ML (milliliter)

VG/PG: 70/30


Watermelon Madness 120ML Melon Twist By Twist E-Liquids

Flavor Test:

This flavor is designed for every watermelon lover who thinks their taste buds need a little twist! This juicy, savory watermelon vape provides an ultra-smooth experience on each inhale and gives you the feeling that life is an endless summer. 

Watermelon Madness is a world of flavor that is waiting to be discovered and experienced. This E-Juice Flavor packs in subtle hints of watermelon that burst and evolve on your palate to give you a tasty watermelon adventure that will have your taste buds go nuts. Similar to other popular and award-winning Twist E-Liquids flavors, Watermelon Madness delivers a unique flavor profile that is loved around the world. Order your bottle today and enter into a world filled with flavor!


Bottle Size: 120ML (milliliter)

VG/PG: 70/30