Dripn Juic Drpy Fruit & Gushr E-Liquid


Flavor: DRPY Strawberry
Nicotine: 3 MG
Size: 100 ML
(Approved Users Only)
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GUSHR Tropical Splash - This mix of berries, orange and guava will make you want to enjoy it on a tropical island.

GUSHR Grape - Give your taste buds a kick with a Mouthwatering Grape and blueberry exhale.

GUSHR Strawberry - Not your average bite sized chewy Strawberry candy.
GUSHR Aloha Punch - Straight from the islands, A mix of raspberry, pineapple and island fruits all tied together with a splash of lemon.
DRPY FRUIT Strawberry - The triple threat. This masterpiece blends together the worlds THREE most refreshing strawberries, creating a strawberry overload.
DRPY FRUIT Watermelon - A new school treat! A mouth-watering watermelon gum that will have you trying to blow bubbles with every exhale.
DRPY FRUIT Banana - The OG. That classic banana gum that everyone knows and loves.

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