Breakfast at Teleos - Salt


Flavor: Crunch
Nicotine: 50 MG
Size: 30 ML
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THE MILK pays homage to one of our favorite drinks, fruity cereal milk.™ For those that don't know, it's a drink made by steeping Fruity Pebbles in whole milk with a few other key ingredients, vigorously stirred, and strained.  

CRUNCH pays homage to two of our favorite things: a classic cereal and and a gooey, crispy dessert legend. Subtle notes of marshmallow-laden sweetness accompany the flaky undertones of cereal. On the front end you'll get a handful of berry flavor bathed in milky deliciousness and on the back a wonderful sweet, creamy mouth feel. One of our more "mellow" flavors, but full-bodied at the same time.

50% VG

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