16" Backwoods Character Beaker


Style: Rick Wick
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A Classic Beaker Bong with a little flair. The sturdy clear neck is wrapped with popular character featured by Backwoods.


  • Rick Wick: A mix of two fan favorite characters, making an unstoppable man. Watch out for Rick Wick!
  • Clown: "We're all high down here!" The iconic Clown character has a special spot in everyone's heart, extreme fear or fond memories from a classic horror movie.   
  • Tupac: Bring this iconic rapper with you to the sesh for a real crowd pleaser.  
  • Ash: A graffiti style of our favorite monster collector, What will he catch next, maybe a Bubasaur!
  • $100: Who wouldn't want an extra $100, to bad you can only smoke out of this one.
  • DBZ: Lets go on an adventure! This hero is sure to bring you on many adventures 


  • 16" Beaker
  • 1 Backwoods Downstem
  • 1 14mm Slide Bowl

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