10" R & M Silicone Hybrid Matrix


Color: Red Blue & White
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When a water pipe is called a hybrid, that means it features both glass and silicone. 

The base is made of silicone, so if you drop the base don't worry about it breaking. The down-stem is built-in and is also made of silicone so that's also one less thing to break. On the silicone base you will see and feel a honeycomb-type texture as an added bonus. Also, since it is silicone, it is resistant to heat as well. The top piece (which holds the percolator and mouthpiece) is made of glass, and features a cartoon design graphic on one side. The percolator in this piece is called a matrix perc.  With this percolator, it will help make your smoke smooth, cool, and less harsh. The removeable bowl piece is made of glass, so be sure not to drop that one. The bowl fits snugly and tight inside the silicone hole, but it's easy to take out, so no worries. 

The top glass piece is easily removeable, but will not come out during normal usage. When cleaning this specific piece, or any other hybrid water pipe, be sure to separate the glass and the silicone pieces. We recommend using the Original 420 Glass cleaner for the top glass part and for the bowl piece; for the silicone base we recommend using the 420 Silicone Cleaner, or any other type of good silicone cleaner for smoking products. 

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